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Welcome members, family members and all associates of New View Society!

We are currently compiling an archive of stories about our history. We invite you to share your personal experiences, memories, and New View Moments with us. Whether from 40yrs ago or from the present day, all entries are welcome and submissions will be ongoing – so feel free to make more than one entry today or in the future.

Please note that we may use your story in New View publications or on our website, so if you would like to remain anonymous, please indicate in the message area.

Thank you for your time and energy to be part of this project, and the New View community!

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    A Thousand Words

    A Thousand Words

    A thousand words.
    They say a picture says a thousand words. And for the longest time, I relied on words to express myself – artistically and emotionally. I was into writing, and it had become my only art-form and creative outlet.

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    On July 28th

    On July 28th

    On July 28th, the NewView Society held its annual family BBQ at Lafarge Lake, in Coquitlam. A week before the event, NewView’s Executive Director asked if I’d do a write-up of the event. The job seemed straightforward enough – attend and summarize my experience.

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    Soul is Searching

    Many times when I cannot rest, I lay awake and I look out my window. The dark black sky, lights up with twinkling stars and the moon shows its reflection. I can hear the sounds of a crackling fireplace coming from my laptop.

    When I cannot rest I am on my laptop and I am googling my favorite t v shows for the background. When I cannot sleep or rest, I try to keep my eyes wide open.

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