Many times when I cannot rest, I lay awake and I look out my window. The dark black sky, lights up with twinkling stars and the moon shows its reflection. I can hear the sounds of a crackling fireplace coming from my laptop.

When I cannot rest I am on my laptop and I am googling my favorite t v shows for the background. When I cannot sleep or rest, I try to keep my eyes wide open.

What I have seen fills me with such deep sadness and grief. I have seen many countries treat beautiful innocent babies with torture and evil.

I have seen a tiny baby dumped abandoned by its mother. I do understand that mothers may not be able to afford to raise her child. What I have seen I wish so deeply that I could jump into my laptop and rescue that innocent baby from their death. I wish deeply so deeply that I could restore life back into who ever lost their life.

I am nothing like our God, only our God has the power to restore a life. When I lay awake, I can sometimes hear their cries; it is as if their soul cannot rest in peace.

My hearts filled with sadness and so much helplessness for that tiny, innocent, and precious little one. I am not a religiousness person but I have said a prayer so deep within my very soul.

I pray that God will protect each soul that is facing torture, that they will not feel pain. I pray for each baby, person, or animal not to be tortured and that justice will prevail.

I also pray for the lost souls of who have died. They did not have a chance to walk into the light. No one has the right to take away a baby’s life. I do not care what country that baby comes from. A baby has the right to live their life.

I pray for all human beings, animals, and tiny innocent babies. I pray that they will be set free and they will get the safe medical treatment they need. I have prayed for justice to come to each person who has done such evil, that they will be dealt accordingly.

If each soul is still alive, I pray that each will walk into eternal light.  What has been done with hatred and evil will be not be given a chance to walk into the eternal light.

I do not understand why I feel such compassion. I wish I had the power to give life back to each person and creature, and give a chance at a life without pain. I know right from wrong; when I see such cruelty happening I feel helplessness, and wish I could rescue each victim.

I pray that people all over the world would not suffer from evil. At the same time, I know I am only a humble spirit. My wish is that all would be protected from evil, with all of my heart, mind, and soul.

By: Karelanne