Clubhouse Intro & FAQs

The Philosophy of the Clubhouse

The New View Society Clubhouse is a cooperative community designed to create a healthy environment where individuals recovering from mental illness can achieve the confidence and skills necessary to reach personal goals. Members help design the programs and contribute to creating an enjoyable environment through volunteering and taking part in recreational opportunities. The Clubhouse is unique in that it offers both work and friendship to all those who participate, regardless of their level of proficiency. We help support out member in their recovery through education, support, and social recreation.

Becoming a Member

Any adult with a persistent and recurring mental illness living within the Tri-Cities area is eligible to become a member of New View Society; all you need is a referral from your case worker at Tri-Cities Mental Health or from your long term general practitioner (doctor). If you are uncertain if the Clubhouse is the right fit for you, feel free to come by and try our services on a trial basis. Becoming a Clubhouse member will give you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the focus and direction of the Society. As a Clubhouse member of New View you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the focus and direction of the Society. Print off a Referral Form– (to be filled out by your doctor or case manager) Tours are available by appointment, or simply drop by and see if any of the staff are available (though you may have to wait a little while).

Clubhouse FAQ’s and Community Resources

How can I contact New View Society?
Address: 2050 Mary Hill, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3H 4A9
Phone: 604.941.3222 (see our Contact Us page for staff extensions)
Fax: 604.552.0849
What are your hours of operation?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our hours of operation are the following:

Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4pm.

Sign-up is required for in-person groups and staff are available by appointment only.

Do I have to be a member to use your services? Does it cost anything?
Yes you have to be a member for long term use of our services. If you are not sure that New View is the right fit for you, you are welcome to try our services out for a few weeks before having your doctor or case manager fill in the referral form (see the top of this page for details).

There is no cost to becoming a member.

What are my obligations & responsibilities as a member?
To participate to the best of your abilities

To behave in an appropriate manner

To connect with the staff formally once to twice a year regarding your goals and wellness plan

Can I take a tour of New View?
Yes: we have a virtual tour available above, or, simply drop by during our business hours and connect with a staff member (advance notice is appreciated, but not required).
How can I learn more about a specific program?
Detailed information, including contact info, on all regular Clubhouse programs can be found on the Clubhouse Programs page.

If the program is not listed on there, it will be found either on our Member Events & Updates page, or on our What’s Happening page for community events.

How do I register for programs or events?
Most regular programs do not require advance registration. All regular programs on the Clubhouse Programs page specify if registration is required, as well as the contact information for the program leader.

Most events do require registration. Registration and contact information will be detailed on the event’s flyer. Flyers can be found on the Member Events & Updates or What’s Happening pages.

How do I sign up for meals, is there a deadline, and how much do they cost?
All meals require advance registration

Lunch: Open Arms Café
Date and Time: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, served at 12pm
Price: $2 if you help out (with prep, serving or cleaning), $3 if you don’t
Registration: Call Reception at 604.941.3222 ext. 101, before 10:15am (voicemails accepted)

Dinner: Pitch in Kitchen
Date and Time: Fridays, served at 5pm
Price: $3 if you help out (with prep, serving or cleaning), $7.25 if you don’t
Registration: Call Reception at 604.941.3222 ext. 101, before 1:15pm (voicemails accepted)

Dinner: Young Adults
Date and Time: Wednesdays, prep. starts at 4pm
Price: $3 if you help out (with prep, serving or cleaning), $7.25 if you don’t
Registration: Call Justin at 604.941.3222 ext. 211, before 1:15pm (voicemails accepted)

What buses can I take to get to New View?
C36 PoCo/PoCo Stn

188 Coq/PoCo Stn

159 Braid/PoCo Stn

160- Van./Coq/PoCo Stn — Walk to Wilson Ave (15 min) or use the 159 or C36 to connect.

For up-to-date bus schedules, please see the Translink webpage:

What are the other Clubhouse’s contact info?
Abby House (Abbotsford): 604.850.1235

Centennial Place (Mission): 604.820.6355

Cheam View (Chilliwack): 604.792.7803

DAWN (Delta): 604.596.6694

ECHO (Burnaby): 604.526.9606

New Frontier (Surry North): 604.581.6177

New Leaf (New Westminster): 604.526.1007

Rainbow Club (Maple Ridge): 604.467.0544

Stepping Stone (Langely): 604.530.5033

The Roost (Surrey Central): 604.597.8610

Whale House (White Rock): 604.536.3480

What is the Tri-cities Mental Health address and phone number?
2230 Elgin Ave, Port Coquitlam (suite 1)

Phone: 604.777.8400

What is the address of the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation?
(I have lost/not received my bus pass) How can I contact the Bus Pass Program?
How can I contact HandyDart?

Applications and eligibility: Phone: 778.452.2860

Booking and Cancelling Trips: Phone 604.575.6600

What are the Cheque Issue Dates?
For an updated list please go to the BC Income Assistance website here
How can I contact Income Assistance?
Tri-Cities Office: #B100- 2099 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam

Toll–Free Phone: 1-866-866-0800

Online Application & Information: