In recognition of Bell Lets Talk Day New View would like to share a writing piece and artwork from one of our very talented members.

We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to ignite the conversation on Wednesday, Jan 29th, 2020 and join us in bringing awareness to our communities. To further support this initiative by Bell check out

New View will be live on location Wednesday, Jan 29th, 2020 from 830am – 3pm in our communities to be part of the change and ignite the conversation

Locations: Waves at Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam & Waves at Westwood in Coquitlam

Let’s Talk

January 29th is Bell Let’s Talk day. It’s a day dedicated to mental health awareness and mental health initiatives in Canada. And it’s an important day, whether you live with mental illness or not.

Mental health challenges are one of the biggest issues facing young adults and youth today. And the number of people being affected is only continuing to rise.

Stigma is perhaps the biggest barrier to a societal acceptance of mental illness and addiction. Stigma is also one of the biggest barriers to seeking help. Not so long ago, stigma was prevalent in society. People generally held attitudes of distrust and contempt towards individuals living with mental illness. Nowadays, these attitudes have shifted. However, stigma remains.

Open forum discussion is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Yet, even today, society is reluctant to speak openly on this topic. It’s still taboo. It remains an issue that is swept under the rug, and is spoken about behind closed doors.

In recent years, there has been a huge rise, however, in the number of iconic people coming out about their struggles with mental illness and addiction. As these individuals become increasingly outspoken about mental health, I believe the stigma surrounding mental illness will eventually fade.

Having lived nearly half my life with mental illness and addiction, I know all too well the harsh reality that exists for people who struggle similarly. But I’ve also been fortunate enough to have witnessed some amazing acts of compassion. And to have met some amazing people along my journey.

Mental illness can, and does, affect anyone. No one is immune to these illnesses.

And they’re common.

More common than we all recognize.

And it wasn’t until I integrated into the New View Society, that I began to recognize just how common mental illness is in society, particularly among young people.

I’ve been lucky. Very lucky. And it’s my hope that I might inspire people to set out on their own recovery

journeys. It’s my hope that I offer a bit of hope and inspiration to people who may be struggling.

And it’s my hope that initiatives like Bell Let’s Talk continue to raise awareness of these important and pressing challenges.

So, on January 29th, help support the cause.

Use #bellletstalk on social media to support mental health programs in Canada.

Everyone struggles in life, I’ve learned. And everyone deserves a helping hand.

Be the hand that gives.

And be a part of the movement.

Let’s talk.

Andrew Woods