Do you want to learn more about LGBTQ+ identities? Is there someone in your life that you want to support by understanding queer issues? Do words like ‘non-binary’ or ‘trans’ confuse you? Come to the Clubhouse for a SafeZone workshop, where Liv, Reece, and Natasha will answer your questions and lead you through activities to help you understand the changing world around LGBTQ+ issues. We will discuss vocabulary, gender, privilege, and coming out, and will have an anonymous Q&A in a safe space so you can feel comfortable to learn and be yourself. This workshop is a full afternoon, so drinks and snacks will be provided and we will have plenty of breaks! Please sign up as limited spaces are available. To sign up, contact Liv (ext. 207), Reece (ext. 124), or Natasha (ext. 305).