New View Housing

New View Society owns one apartment building (with 20 one bedroom suites), and four shared accommodation houses in Port Coquitlam. Tenants of the houses have a private bedroom each and as a group share the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms with the other occupants of the house. This accommodation and support is available specifically to the adults who have been referred to New View Society through the Tri-Cities Mental Health Centre.

Patricia HousePatricia House

Patricia House

In 1983 New View Society purchased its’ first supported housing, Patricia House. It is a five bedroom home with operating funds through BC Housing and 20 hours per week support staffing, funded by Fraser Health Authority. It has now been successfully housing individuals for over 30 years.

McRae HouseMcRae House

McRae House

Purchased in 1984 with support from BC Housing, McRae House is a duplex with three bedrooms on each side. Support is provided directly by New View Society through its’ Community Living Support program, which is funded by Fraser Health Authority.

Maplewood ManorMaplewood Manor

Maplewood Manor

In 1990 a building project was undertaken and with support from BC Housing, Maplewood Manor was opened. Maplewood Manor provides 20 housing units for independent living, all one bedroom apartments.

Rindall HouseRindall House

Rindall House

New View Society was able to purchase Rindall House in 2004 due to the Federal Government’s Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI). It is a five bedroom house located in Port Coquitlam. The support staff assigned to Rindall House are funded through Fraser Health Authority’s Housing Program as well as New View Society.

Mary Hill HouseMary Hill House

Mary Hill House

Mary Hill House was also purchased in 2004 through SCPI. A five bedroom house located in Port Coquitlam, the support staff for Mary Hill House are also funded through New View Society and Fraser Health Authority’s Housing Program.

Iris House DuplexIris House Duplex

Iris House Duplex

Built in 2011, the top level of the New View Society is dedicated to residential housing- called Iris House. This is a Young Adult Housing Program for adults aged 19-35 with a primary mental health diagnosis who have experienced challenges in maintaining housing. The program offers an opportunity for young adults to live independently in affordable housing, with daily support and guidance and an environment that focuses on rehabilitation and recovery. It is expected that individuals work towards moving to more, independent living arrangements.