Clubhouse Updates and Member Events

Let’s Talk – January 25, 2017

Port Coquitlam, BC – New View Society announced today that it will be hosting an Open House event at its Community Mental Wellness Centre on January 25, Bell “Let’s Talk” Day.

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Welcome Back to some of our popular programs
•Yoga (Alternating Tuesdays at 1-2pm)
•Muffin Morning
•Coffee House
•Literacy Group
Check out the monthly calendar for more information

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My Biggest Supporter: Heroes of Hope

What keeps us going through bipolar mood episodes? Sometimes it’s the unexpected support from someone who offers acceptance, encouragement, or simply a sympathetic ear.

Meet three of your peers who found that support when it was most needed – from a mental health worker, a teacher, a long-time friend.

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan. A wellness recovery action plan to help you get well and stay well; designed by you… for you.

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