There was a need, we had to do something.

Our Vision

Community Health through Mental Health

Our Purpose

Creating an environment for growth and recovery for people challenged by mental illness through:

  • Supporting an individual’s choice to live, work, learn and be part of their community.
  • Promoting recovery in a friendly, safe and supportive environment for individuals affected by mental illness in the Tri-Cities.
  • Being a flexible and caring Society dedicated to mental wellness.
  • Providing housing, employment, social and personal growth opportunities.

Our Strategic Plan

Internal Systems & Structures

Our strong internal relations are upheld through thorough evaluation and determination, to ensure effectiveness, knowledge and experience in our Board, technological infrastructure, human resources, and administration.

Access to Housing

We have successful maintenance of current properties and provide additional mixed support housing that is both affordable and reflects reasonable and livable standards.


Our current funding reflects financial sustainability along with increased or additional funding contracts, a hired fundraiser, expanded engagement and reach to current and potential donors, and more.

New View Core

We prioritize the practice of the PSR principles and New View Values, which is rooted in our society, workplace, and member culture. Furthermore, we have a robust programming roster, with adequate resources, and which meets members’ needs and funder requirements.

A more specified and thorough breakdown of each Strategic Priority can be found here.



Our Story

New View Society was established in August 1973 in response to the de-institutionalization of patients from Riverview Psychiatric Hospital. Many previous Riverview patients were now living in the community and needed social, recreational or work programs to assist them with community integration. New View Society was formed to meet that need. For more information about how we have grown over the years, please visit the New View’s History page.


Our Board

To learn about the people who help guide New View Society towards a bright future, please visit the New View’s Board page



Held on June 26th 2018, our AGM was a great success and wonderful opporunity for our partners and the community to learn about the last year at New View.

2018 Annual Report

New View Society Core Values.

Integrity: by being honest and authentic in providing focus to our members while providing support within our communities.
Respect: by understanding and valuing individual right to self-responsibility.
Inclusiveness: by recognizing and being intentional in building strong relationships with key stakeholders such as members, families, volunteers and our community.
Caring: by providing a welcoming and accepting environment where individuals feel comforted, supported and treated with dignity.
Trust: by being consistent and deliberate in working with our clients, the community and funders.

Our Services

Based on a holistic approach, New View Society strives to support its’ members in all areas of life: Housing, Employment and Social Recreation. Through our supported housing, independent living, and rental assistance programs, New View Society’s Housing department supports hundreds of people each month.

The Employment program helps members through the Social Enterprise program, and through more traditional support, such as resume creation, job search assistance and supported employment.

Answering the social recreational needs of our members, the Clubhouse offers a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for informal socialization, as well as over 20 organized recreational and educational programs. For more information about the services we offer, please visit our Services page.


Our Members

Listen to our member’s stories, learn about New View, and hear the difference we make- all through the voices of our members themselves!